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INDIAS TOP VIP GIGOLO MALE PLAY BOY ESCORT SERVICE NAME:- MISS SONAM WATS APP :- 9630663077 CALL ME :- 9630663077 Registration fees 1500 HIRING FOR GOOD CANDIDATES. Note:- We rarely hire peoples, so TIME PASSERS stay away. WE ARE LOOKING FOR SERIOUS, NEEDY AND TRUST WORTHY PEOPLE . HIRING IS GOING ON AND WE HAVE VERY FEW AND LIMITED REQUIREMENT.10 meeting per month where as you will get a very good and handsome amount for every single meeting with full privacy. CONTACT US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. IF YOU WANT TO EARN WITH FUN AND BE A PART OF BIGGEST ESCORT SERVICE PROVIDER THEN CONTACT US. WATS APP:- 9630663077 CALL ME:-9630663077 Why should you join us:- 1. Our agency is operating this network since 2010 2. We offers an affordable Service to start up with. 3. We don’t shares our member’s details to any third person or to anyone. 4. We dont attend unknown clients, who feels unsecured or hesitate to share their details. 5. We dont attend LGBT clients. (L-lesbian , G-gay , B-bisexual , T-transsexual) 6. We dont attend STD affected clients Candidate’s Eligibility:- 1. Candidate should know HINDI or ENGLISH (Must). 2. Should be well mannered and descent. 3. Have to dressed up according to occasions. 4. Candidate need to be clean and be hygienic. 5. Candidate must not be addicted to drugs or alcohol. 6. Candidate must not be affected by S.T.D.(sexual transmuted deases) TERMS OF USE: 1. In case the information given by you is found incorrect or wrong to any aspect , your registration will be cancelled. 2. If you try to contact any client or member after your job finished or without permission , your registration will be cancelled. 3. If any complain comes from client regarding BLACK MAILING , MISBEHAVE or ABUSE , your registration will be cancelled , without any consideration. 4. Any spywares like CAMERA , VOICE RECORDER , LOCATION TRACER , GPS found from you at time of job, your registration will be cancelled. 5. Any DRUGS or ARMS found from you at the time of job , your registration will be cancelled. 6.ONLY MEMBERS CAN MEET 7.NO CLIENT DETAIL SHOULD BE GIVEN BEFORE JOINING AGENCY 8. Person should be medically fit. 9. Precaution is mandatory to be used. 10. All the meeting will take place to the safe place within the local only. So if you are in search of this, your search ends here, NAME:- MISS SONAM WATS APP :- 9630663077 CALL ME :- 9630663077

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